Trade Trends

Most Bridgford Bread and Roll Doughs are now 0 grams trans fat. We have moved from a partially hydrogenated shortening to either palm oil, interesterified soybean oil, or soybean oil. Detailed information is included on the latest Bridgford spec sheets for our dough and baked items on the Bridgford website. These new updated spec sheets have important information regarding nutrition, ingredients, child nutrition and allergens.

One important feature of these new spec sheets is the new “nutritional benefits” section. For example, our code number 6122 Bridgford White-Demi Loaf. If you look under the sub heading of “benefits” on this spec sheet, it lists the following: 0 grams trans fat and SB12 compliant. These can be important nutritional selling features, especially to the schools.

These spec sheets are continually being updated to contain the most recent information. Please go to the website to obtain any nutritional information you need on our products. If you ever have a question on nutrition, please do not hesitate to call or email me. You can reach me at extension 5519 or at, or home office line at (909) 597-3027.

Selling Tips


The easiest way to sell more products is to establish a warm and personal relationship with your customers (end users & distributors).

Keep in touch with your end user customers often by telephone and visits when you are in their area. Offer them additional products or recipes that they can use to increase the variety of freshly baked bread products using the Bridgford products they are presently serving to their customers.

Each time you contact them you are rewarded with better insight regarding how you can help them.

Keeping in touch often by phone reinforces who we are — “The Fresh Baked Idea Company.”

Devote a few hours, 3 to 4 times per year, to call and thank them for their business. This call becomes a very personal and welcomed call, and makes you a friend they can count on. Develop a customer call list noting what was discussed during your previous call.

During my years of calling on the trade, we developed our food service business by selling to many high volume end users. I established a special relationship with many of them resulting in them calling me for product information or ideas on how to improve their bread service.

One of my best calls during the year is before Christmas, again thanking them for their business and wishing them and their families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Devote several hours a week before Christmas to telephone visit with them.

Another great tip to keep your food fresh and lasting longer is to vacuum seal it, learn more by reading Vacuum Sealer Bag Reviews.

A few of my friends are:
Oh Brian's — Greensboro, NC (James Reynolds)
Cody's Road House Grill — Newport Richie, FL (Roland Yanchar)
(formerly with Durango Steak House & American Food Dist.)
Country Cookin — Roanoke, VA (Dave Preston)
Spinnaker's — Hermitage, TN (Ed Edlam)
The largest distributor in America:
Sysco Corporate — Houston, TX (Jack Stone)
Retired from Sysco and joined Institutional Marketing Assoc. as a
consultant and now in full retirement.

And many more


Product Spotlight

The versatile 6 oz. Demi-loaf dough can be:

  • Baked in an individual loaf pan for cutting board service
  • Cut into 4 pieces and baked in muffin cavity pan for large 1.5 oz rolls
  • Shaped into ball for round loaf
  • Cut in half lengthwise to bake a sandwich bun
  • Topped it with seeds or herbs to create signature loaves

Baking pans and accessories are available to order for direct shipment. See More >>

Recipe Of The Month


  • 12 Bridgford Demi-Loaves (6 oz. each) or
  • 1 tray (48) Bridgford Ranch Style Roll Dough
  • 1 cup melted butter
  • 2 teaspoons each garlic powder, whole thyme, caraway seeds, and dill

Mix melted butter with seasonings. Make 4 slices in each Demi-Loaf and place in Demi-Loaf Pans (if using Ranch Style Roll Dough, place 4 rolls in each pan). Brush generously with butter-herb mixture on top and between dough pieces. Let rise until doubled in size. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from pan immediately. Serve hot or reheat for serving later.

Yield: 12 Loaves